Frequently Asked Questions

How does pregnancy massage help?

It will help you feel good, relax easier, hurt less, and sleep better. It helps relieve pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, arms and hands, legs and feet. 

Overall, you'll be happier... and who doesn't want to feel that way? 

How long is the appointment?


The full-body treatment lasts between 60-70 minutes. Including set-up and pack-up time you should allow for me to be in your home for 90 minutes.

Do I need to provide anything for the appointment?

 I bring everything required for the treatment; a comfortable massage table, soft towels, relaxing music and organic oils (either neutral or blended especially for me with organic pregnancy-safe essential oils) to be used during the treatment. 

All I ask is that there is somewhere to wash my hands before and after the treatment 

How do I lie during the treatment?


I ask you to lie on your side, then cover you with thick, fluffy towels and support you and your bump with pillows. 

What do I need to wear?

Whatever you wish. Once I’ve set up my massage table in your home I will ask you to get undressed and leave your knickers on during the time that I pop out of the room to wash my hands. 

Privacy and discretion is maintained.  I always leave you covered at all times during the treatment, with one area at a time carefully uncovered to be worked on and re-covered securely when that area is finished. You will be comfortable and modest at all times.

What's the difference between getting pregnancy massage with you versus a massage at a spa?

With me you can be confident that you will be receiving treatment from a therapist who has received specialised training in the techniques of pregnancy massage, the issues, contraindications and process of pregnancy. I work exclusively with women who are seeking to become pregnant, currently pregnant or a new mum.

Is it ever too early or too late in pregnancy to get a massage?

No. Although there is no medical evidence that massage during the first 3 months is dangerous for you or the wellbeing of your baby, I advise my clients to wait until they have passed the 12 week mark for their own peace of mind. 

Massage is beneficial right up to birth, and in fact I can also offer massage during labour too!

Are there certain things you can't do on pregnant women during a massage?

Rarely. However you may have heard a few myths: foot massage will start labour, you can only use light pressure... these simply aren't true.  

The main difference is that I position you on your side (with plenty of cushions) to support your growing belly. 

Is pregnancy massage dangerous?

Massage carried out by a fully knowledgeable therapist during a normal pregnancy is not harmful at all. 

It supports a healthy pregnancy and does not cause miscarriage or induce preterm labour. 

I am a specialist. I will not place you in any danger.

How often should I get pregnancy massage?

As often as you wish! A common frequency is for clients to see me every 2 weeks and weekly during the final month. 

Do you only work with pregnant women?

Nearly all of my clients are pregnant. The rest are trying to become pregnant or are postpartum. 

I do not work with men at all. 

Post birth, how soon can I start?

I generally recommend that mums wait for 4 weeks before seeing me again. This gives adequate time for feeding to be established and thus you’ll know when you can squeeze a wellness treatment in between feeds.